Not My First Rodeo

As I type this, pastry dough still clings under my fingernails and there is probably flour on my face. Not only am I baking a lot again, but I’m being paid to bake!
That’s right. I have finally achieved one of my fondest dreams. I work as a baker. Every weekday I get up at 5:00 am, read a little and drink my coffee, then drive across town to the Cambridge Teahouse. There, I prepare the bread and scones and make the quiches, all to be ready for open at 8:00. Then I make cookies to go on tea trays. Then I make dessert and the quiche crusts for the next morning to start it all over again.
And do you know what? This is the first job job I’ve ever had that I have 110% adored. I love every minute of it, even when sweat breaks out on my forehead and chest as I face an extremely hot and efficient oven to check whatever deliciousness is inside.
Every day I come home totally bushed but revved up to make dinner or a loaf of bread or try a new dessert recipe that I might make at the Teahouse in the future. Last week I designed and executed a Yeasted Sugar Cake with Sweet Cherry Compote. It. Was. Incredible. It completely sold out.
On my first day my boss Mary showed me how she rolls out the pastry dough and lines the quiche pans. I watched attentively and listened to her tips and advice, though I already knew most of it. Then she let me try, saying “Don’t worry, I don’t expect yours  to be totally perfect on your first try.”
Five minutes later she looks over and sees me roll out a perfectly even dough circle then deftly fold it and lay it into the tart pan.
“This is not your first rodeo, huh,” she said, smiling.

2 thoughts on “Not My First Rodeo

  1. It is so fun to hear your enthusiam and lighted attitide Claire. You make me want to get back to baking. Something I have not done in many years. I would probably be a 2 ton tilly because there is just me and grandpa to eat all that good stuff. Love you, Grandma

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