Happy Earth Day to all!


If I’ve learned anything ever (and I’ve learned a lot of things. The task is remembering them all), I’ve learned that when something tragic happens, shaking your whole foundation, there are certain things that need to be done. The most important among them, after you’ve paid your respects and done your best to emotionally process, is continue living.

What better way to do that than by celebrating this great colorful living breathing rock we stand on.

For those of you who don’t know much about environmental issues, do your reading. It’s a worthy investment of time and energy. The long-term costs and benefits are even bigger than pretty much any other issue. We’re talking generations, here. Make sure your sources are reliable and not biased based on who is funding them.

But today is not for downer debates on environmental policy.

Today is for celebrating!

Plant a tree!

Up your recycling ante!

Take the bus!

Change your lightbulbs!

Start a community garden!

Build a compost bin!

Or a vermicompost box (my favorite)!

Learn about a species of plant you didn’t know before!

Throw an organic feast!

Donate $10 to a conservation group like WWF! That’s only two latte frappuccino mocha things.

Buy yourself something nice from your local Fair Trade store!

Figure out what your ecological footprint is!

There are so many things individuals can do to help this beautiful green globe. Making little changes add up. If everyone in America did some of the above, we could significantly decrease our national ecological footprint. And we’ve got a biiiiig ecological footprint.

Let’s do what we can to keep our Earth lush and beautiful and clean. Because, don’t forget, it’s the only one we’ve got.


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