Kid President


Five minutes ago I had no idea who this kid was. Now that I do, my world just got way brighter. And I have to say, he’s cute. And you know what? He’s got the right idea.

“Wherever you are today, give the world a reason to dance.”

“Treat everyone like it’s their birthday.”

“What will you create to make the world more awesome?”

“Keep watching Kid President, and you’ll get more spirit to be more awesome. Especially you, Grown-Ups!”

“Love changes everything, so fill the world with it!”

Kid President has been working to make the world better with just a can and string, a tiny desk and a tiny suit, and a really big spirit. Now, he’s met the regular President. Which is pretty super cool.

Kid President, you and your mission to make the world better and more awesome has given me a new lease on my creative life. Thanks for doing what you do and being yourself and making the world more awesome.


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