Happy Birthday with Meatballs and Mousse

So I’m thinking so far this has been a very successful project so far. The idea was that I would keep food and baking and cooking in my life after the semester was already underway, and that has definitely been the case. Especially since outside of classes, pretty much all I think about is what to cook next. I am frequently seized by the desire to make apple turnovers or scones. Poached eggs is a thing that happens quite often. I make regular and stuffed french toast all the time. And I recently made box mix pancakes just because I had it and I figured why not, and I have to say, definitely not as good as fresh, scratch pancakes.

But feast upon feast, nothing can beat how I spent my birthday last weekend. Consider this the last Bake. Because I made a flippin’ feast. I decided to have a classy grown-up dinner party, though lacking a grown-up sized table and enough chairs, we did picnic style in my living room.


  • Spaghetti and Rosemary meatballs
  • Millefoglie di Verdure
  • Chocolate Mousse

I spent all Saturday making all these bad boys. And. It. Was. A. Blast. And now I have enough food to feed an army.

I have also never made a bigger mess in my kitchen than with a double recipe of mousse. Hi. Larious.

If this isn’t the most beautiful looking meringue you ever saw, I’ll eat my apron.

Melted chocolate folded into whipped cream. Note, full up to the brim again.

Mix them together and whaddya get? A really big mess!


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