Bake #8: Post-Midterm Apple Turnovers

Due to some technical difficulties with my photo uploading program, there are no photos here currently, but there will be soon, I promise. Because these bad boys were delicious and deserve to be photographically represented.

Don’t know what’s going on? See the beginning of the project here.

So it would seem that midterms took me longer to recover from than I anticipated. But I made some pretty mean apple turnovers, which incidentally only take one or two apples. I used this recipe from Simple Recipes, my tried and true friend.

The pate brisee recipe for the crust was hard to get the hang of, but I managed. I’ll have to try that one again because I’m not sure I did everything quite perfectly. And it still turned out pretty fantastic, so I think it’s a keeper. Next time I would roll it a bit thinner and cut the squares bigger though. I love apple filling, and only used half of what I made because I just couldn’t make the darn delicious stuff fit. What else? I used raisins instead of currants, no walnuts, and arrowroot and flour instead of corn starch. And whoever thought of applesauce as liquid in apple filling?? That’s brilliant!

Anyway, I ate three of these bad boys in a row, fresh from the oven, while watching the classic movie “That Thing You Do” with my lovely friend Mikala. I grew up watching that movie, and when I saw it on her shelf, I completely flipped. We spent the evening singing all the songs and saying the best lines and eating apple turnovers. What could be better? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.


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