Project#2: The End

After blogging about a 6 week trip for almost 7 months, I think it’s time to wrap things up. Though I admit, I’ve been having a blast.

The next four months were the most incredible ever, basically. I sang and played the ukulele at a club every week where I made some really great friends and had some really great nights. I ate seven billion times my weight in pasta (I was particularly fond of seafood pasta everywhere). I drank lost of red wine. I drank lots of cappuccinos, and I will tell you that when I came home, my coffee addiction was put on hold because Italian coffee really is tons better. I ate Thanksgiving dinner in an extravagant palazzo. I read beautiful books by Italian writers. I learned so much more Italian than I would have from a book. I climbed ancient towers, domes, and hillsides. I picked grapes in a vineyard. I visited dozens of churches and cathedrals. I walked cobblestone streets and crossed bridges over the Arno to get to class. I found a place where I felt at peace. I felt like the best version of me. And I took that version of me home.

A mosaic artist in a small town called Pietrasanta.

Cinque Terre. One of the top most magical looking places I’ve ever been to.

Dad at the flea market in Lucca.

Lunch with Dad over the Arno.

Family dinner with friends.

Lovely Sienna.

Arriving in Venice.

The Arno. My lovely Florence.


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