Project #2: Consider This My Genesis

I find myself sitting at my kitchen table, sipping at the juice from the can of peaches I just ate, and contemplating the act of storytelling. For an art and science as ancient as storytelling, it’s a really difficult thing to do. In the Fiction workshop I’m taking, the professor has a tendency to go on cryptic tangents that somehow explain the art of effective writing somewhere in the undercurrents of his robust and legato voice, but most of the time I find myself confused, vaguely understanding what he’s trying to communicate, similar to the way that metaphors communicate with a reader in some intangible, unplaceable way. Will letting his riddle-like wisdom wash over me make me a better writer through osmosis? Probably not, but one can hope. He writes beautiful, cryptic, mesmerizing prose, but that doesn’t seem to translate productively into professing. Which makes me wonder, does the way I act in “regular” life inform my writing style in the way his writing seems to inform his speech? Maybe I should start looking for the stories in life, in the day to day, rather than cerebrally digesting essay topics that occur in my life, as I sometimes find myself doing.

My first thought, as perhaps is everyone’s who has something to say, is that I have nothing to say. But as I find myself missing Europe and my backpack and the railway stations and the curious and interesting people I met from day to day and place to place and the snatches of conversations I heard on buses and in parks, as well as all the things that led me to the airport near my home with a one way ticket to Ireland in hand, I realize: Holy cow. I’ve got a quite a lot to say, haven’t I?

Which leads me to my next project.

Last month’s project was all about finding beauty where I am here at home, and to be honest, it proved invaluable in letting myself feel as excited to be here as I was to be in Europe. Now it’s time to share and reflect on all the things that happened to me and all the things I learned about the world, about people, about myself.


Each week, recount the stories of my adventures, in chronological order to the best of my ability.

PARAMETERS: One story, once a week, photos included, until finished. Which, I warn you, will take longer than one month, though the storytelling gods only know just how long. This is going to be fun.


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