Project #1, Week #4: My Plane of Reality

As I look back on all the pictures I’ve taken this month, I can really start to see on what plane my reality lies, where my consciousness chooses to assert itself. There are so many nature pictures, shots of trees, natural phenomena, cloudy skylines. Or the way the light shines through my window shades or onto some old books. And my dog. These are the things I notice, the things I see when I try to see, the little intrigues that romance my brain. I think it’s always been like that, though. Solitary observance of the natural world and the things it does to my surroundings. Not that I don’t socialize or party or have friends. On the contrary, I’ve been called the big partying “social butterfly” of my family, which I find interesting because I would never say that of myself. But if I could choose, I would rather go for a walk in the park with my dog and my camera and journal than schmooze and booze somewhere on campus. Does that make me less of a person, a societal being? Or does it just mean I’m cast of a different mold than the next guy? Or do other people notice these things too and not say anything or find them as interesting as I do?

My answers to those questions change depending on when you ask me. Here’s what I think right now: everyone has the potential to think on this kind of plane, and everyone does at least once in a while. Stretch their brains, look around them, exist independently within the universe. I happen to prefer it up there, and so many people find me to be a curiosity. But these photos, these picture takings, these written reflections, have allowed me to go there often and with utmost delight. I will go on seeing, looking, taking pictures. I’ll keep the camera in my pocket to remind me of the world, like the prayer beads reminding you to pray.


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