Project #1: Beauty Unsought

THE BLOG: Where I will set myself projects to complete and share my reflections on the projects and on various occurrences surrounding them and myself. These projects will not simply be little craft ideas or baking cakes, etc. Rather, they will be challenges to who I am, how I see the world, or myself, or my present or past or future. The blog is the vehicle by which I will keep myself accountable and share my growth with my fellow human strugglers on the face of this planet. The idea is to stretch, to explore the various worlds that this widely faceted universe has to offer the curious. So let’s go.


Take at least one picture of something beautiful in the course of each day.

PARAMETERS: One picture per day, posted seven at a time on Sundays with my reflections. One month, four posts, twenty-eight pictures. Final day: Feb 12th.

THE IDEA: I’ve been traveling all over Europe and Italy since last July. I’ve seen astonishing and beautiful places around every corner without much effort. I traipsed cobble-stone streets through Tuscan-sunshine piazzas on my way to class. I hiked Irish peat mountains with the rocks and the sheep and the babbling stream and brisk air. And now I’ve just moved back to little old Ohio to return to my university and the brutal world of crumbling sidewalks littered with the debris of college kids and unhappy lower-middle-class locals. The idea of this project is, rather than despondently placing myself in a rut unhappy with where I am and wishing I was somewhere else, I will find beauty even here. I will look pessimism in the face and say “Take a hike.” Beauty can be found anywhere to those who are open to seeing it. Or so I hope, or else this project will not work out so well.


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