In the Beginning

I used to scoff at blogging. Back in the day when I thought it was just a bunch of people posting about what they did that day, as if anyone was interested in the C they got on their Algebra test. Good thing for me, though, and hopefully for you, is that either blogging has evolved or I finally see it as a fascinatingly unique medium in which a person can express themselves and their interests. And the most engaging part for me is this: we have nothing in common but our interests. Anyone can blog, and anyone can learn to blog well. Anyone can blog about anything. A doctor can blog about her passion for literature. A baker can eloquently express his fury with some politician or other. And any old student who can string together a sentence (like Yours truly, for example) can find a venue in which to stretch her non-academic muscles.

So this is me: student, female, twenty-one, 125 pounds, non-smoker, wine drinker, Harry Potter reader, drawer, baker, ukulele-player, botany-enthusiast, traveler, and aspiring writer. This is my blog: a place in which to set myself challenges, share my thoughts and experiences, accomplish a few things I’ve never done before, and maybe even influence or inspire another human being or two.


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